Activities of IIRS
Activities of IIRS

Support of research and evaluation

  • Support of fine-imaging research
  • Advice for methodology and the evaluation of findings

Talent promotion

  • Organizing seminars, workshops and academic salons
  • Publication of record books of workshops

Propagation and enlightenment

  • Enlightenment business by the HP or pamphlets
  • Publication of books for researchers and technicians

International collaboration for fine imaging research(AMMRF)

Cooperation with Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility(AMMRF) which is a joint venture between Australian university-based microscopy and microanalysis centers.

Coordination of CUMNET

Network for Collaborative Use of Microscopy (From April, 2009)

Following research organizations are participating in CUMNET

  1. Iwate Medical University
  2. Saitama Medical University
  3. The Jikei University
  4. Japan Women's University
  5. Matsumoto Dental University
  6. Nagoya University
  7. Riken SPring-8 Center, Harima Institute
  8. Chiba University
  9. Miyazaki University
  10. University of Hyogo
Sponsoring of scientific program
  • IIRS Workshops(WS) on gTechniques for visualizationh were held under the titles@such as follows:
    Visual nano-technology for bio-science (2005)
    Bio-imaging : Its motion and stillness (2005)
    Imaging of Golgi apparatus and transportation of proteins (2006)
    Imaging of cell division (2007)
    Approach to the diversity of micro-organisms using bio-imaging technology (2008)
    Satellite cells of liver (2009)
    Rapid development of technology on 3D imaging and reconstruction (2010)
    New world demonstrated by the technology of 3D imaging and reconstruction (2011)
  • Organizing IIRS seminars and science-cafe (Collaborated with Japan Women's University, Bio-Imaging Center; JWU-BIC)
  • Organizing a workshop at each annual meeting of Japanese Society of Microscopy
  • Organizing symposium at each annual meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan (Collaborated with Botanical Society of Japan and JWU-BIC)
  • Organizing a forum at each annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan
  • Organizing technical training programs (Collaborated with JWU-BIC)
  • Supporting the public symposium by JWU-BIC
Publication of books
  • Record books of workshops such asgTechniques for visualization: Frontier of imaging technologyh
  • IIRS Laboratory manual books for microscopy such asgPractical methods for ultrathin sectioningh

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