Message from the President

The advancement of molecular biology in the modern times has made it possible to expand the field of life science by combining the study of gene function with morphological science. In order to develop morphology and function as complementary fields of science, all biologists should work in a research institute where various imaging techniques such as electron microscopy and confocal laser microscopy could be accessed freely as well as effectively at the highest possible level of knowledge and technology. In the recent research environment in Japan, however, it has gradually been becoming difficult to conduct integrated study owing to the shortage not only of large-scale facilities but also of technical manpower.

The Integrated Imaging Research Support (IIRS) has been founded as a non-profit organization to overcome the difficulties in the present situation and to encourage fine imaging science in the field of biology and medicine. The IIRS can support bio-medical research by applying their high-level knowledge, experience and technology in the field of fine imaging science. We are also aware of the often-neglected need to invest in fostering the next generation of experts in microscopy fields. Through their activities the IIRS will try to contribute towards the progress of science and technology in Japan.

Director-General Masako Osumi, Ph.D.

Masako Osumi, Ph.D.

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